Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Snow flakes from Russia.

Hello there,
I still can't believe that less than 3 days ago, the sun was shining down over all of us, so hot that I burned, and now it's snowing.

The snow is beautiful, it's not sticking yet, but the flakes are raining down thick and fast, in little flurries and swirls. It's made me hibernate in the dark of my room, just watching the snow from my window. I've put all my radiohead albums away, and swapped them for piano music. My trusty telecaster has been downed, and I've dusted off my old acoustic to play Bon Iver songs. I want to be a tiny little embryo again.

Doesn't it look cosy?

Anyway, never mind the old English habit of rambling on about the weather, there are more pressing issues here. If you don't want your little bubble of happiness shattering, look away now. 

Russia. They've done it again. Yep, Russia. Everyone's favourite *coughs* Ex Fascist (sorry, Communist) country. The very same that's indirectly slaughtering thousands of Syrians, the same Russia that's put thousands of innocent people in prison due to it's corrupt political system. Well, Russia have scored again!

They're trying to 'Ban' Homesexual 'Propoganda' (Whatever the hell that is?!)  That basically stops LGBT people from speaking out in public. As the Russian government deems it 'a form of peadophila'. Usually I'd include a link for you to go to take action about this, but sadly the laws have been passed, and with Russia's AMAZING human rights record on freedom of speech, there's not a lot anyone else can do either!

All is not lost though, slightly closer to home, the gay marriage debate rages on, with seemingly no sign of ending. Now I could write pages and pages about gay marriage. I could rant endlessly, but I shall try to restrain my self.  Okay, so some M,P's and religious leaders believe that legalising gay marriage in Britain would 'undermine the institution of marriage'. So Sinead O' Connor can divorce her 4th husband after 16 days, and that's fine, but two people who love each other and happen to be of the same sex, and wish to be married is not? Don't give me a load of crap religious excuses,  LOVE is LOVE.  Has anyone ever asked God about his stance in gay marriage? No. All we have to go on is some moribund religious text that's 2,000 years old. The pope hates gays, and yet he is a man, in a dress. Hypocritical, no?
So, even if we can't help Russia just yet, we can help our folks back at home,  go sign the petition for Equal Marriage in the U.K at http://www.equallove.org.uk/
I promise it will make you a better person.

And for all those who disagree....

Love your inner lesbian.

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